Shopping Local, Why It Matters

COVID-19 has influenced our economy, as we all know. When we hear the word “economy,” we often think of how it affects the national economy. But it is the effects on our local economies and communities that concern us the most.

We understand how economic downturns influence each of our members’ financial lives as a credit union promoting local economies. Because you can smell and taste the care that goes into each batch, we know that mom-and-pop pizzerias and bakeries are more real to you than the market worth of the commodity. Because of the sellers you buy from and the inventiveness and passion, we realize how vibrant the colors are at the farmer’s market you wander through every weekend.

These are the things we see, touch, taste, and feel every day, and the companies who provide them need our help. Here are a few additional reasons to shop locally:

Real Relationships are formed by you. There’s an old saying that a close neighbor is preferable to a distant brother. You not only acquire goods and services when you buy locally, but you also participate in an interchange of ideas, security, and trust that brings communities closer together. The ability to speak with a business owner face to face about their goal may lead to a long-term friendship.

You contribute to the development of your community. Spending locally rather than online ensures that your sales taxes are reinvested where they belong: in your community. These taxes could result in improved schools, city services, infrastructure, and other areas.

You’re a Good Neighbor in every sense of the word. Many of the people who run your local businesses reside in the communities where they provide their goods and services. When they are financially successful, the entire community benefits.

You are a supporter of environmental initiatives. Because the raw materials used to create things are generally sourced locally, shopping locally, especially with restaurants, can assist the environment. Long hauls, mass production, and packing will use less fuel and resources.

You’ve improved your diet. Purchasing organic, natural, and non-GMO goods at farmer markets or patronizing restaurants that employ locally farmed food can help to increase demand for organic, natural, and non-GMO foods. It is common knowledge that eating natural foods with fewer additives (pesticides, hormones, preservatives, and so on) is healthier.

You assist in the hiring of others. It’s a crash course in capitalism. The greater the number of individuals who visit local companies, the greater the demand for goods and services. This means that more personnel will be required to assist in meeting the needs of customers. Employees hired by local firms are also residents of the area. Higher employment in your town will eventually result in fewer homes being abandoned due to foreclosures, fewer food shortages, and a better general quality of life.

As you can see, supporting your neighborhood businesses benefits the entire community. Consider these businesses to be your neighbors. Since the dawn of time, modest exchanges of products, services, and loyalty have aided societies in thriving. You can keep it continuing in your own neighborhood.

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