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iSHOP Mission is your local online network built to promote Shopping Local by connecting prospective clients with local businesses, allowing them to solve their day to day problems, in and around their community. 



FIND A MERCHANT: When you're looking for a Restaurant, Plumber Dentist, Clothing Boutique or any other shop or service you need, you will find what you're looking for in our database of Mission Businesses and Service Providers. You will be able to compare locations and reviews between competitors to help you decide who you want to call.

GET ADVICE: Not everyone knows how to repair a toilet or do their taxes, but in today's day and age, many people want to learn more about it before purchasing. Most of Mission's Merchants are willing to answer questions about what they specialize in so they can help you along or explain how they would handle the issue for you.

CONNECT WITH A MERCHANT: Got a need? Search for your solution in our database of nearly 900 Mission businesses and service providers. Refine your search, read their reviews and decide who to reach out to. Once you've finished your interaction, come back and give them a review to let your neighbours, friends and fellow residents and businesses, know how they did.

FIND A DEAL: Everyone wants a good deal and we have found that the Merchants servicing the residents and businesses of Mission are eager to deliver you top value, for what you need. In fact, we make it easy with deal updates from your favourite merchants.

iSHOP Mission is an online business directory specifically designed to support the local businesses that operate in and service the City of Mission residents and businesses. Our aim is to connect companies with customers and prospective customers. Business owners can take advantage of our free basic entries, as well as subscribe to our Premium Services.


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You can easily check out the reviews left by your friends, neighbors, and others that have used the business' services allowing you to judge for yourself if they are who you want to deal with.

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Leave your own valuable feedback regarding any of the businesses listed here. This allows others to consider your experience when deciding if they want to deal with the business.


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iShop is an online business directory. Our aim is to connect companies and customers. Business owners can take advantage of our free basic entries, as well as our Premium
Entry feature to promote their companies online and gain more customers.

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